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  • What Every Buyer Needs to Know

    Take a look at these "best of" materials from Global Sources. You'll find the essential information you need for sourcing success.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - what most buyers have issues with  
    Read the answers to these most frequently asked questions from buyers.
      What can I do if my goods are not delivered after full payment and how do I avoid this problem next time?
      How do I ensure my goods are delivered by deadline?
      How do I make sure the quality of goods received is according to contract?
      How do I ensure the person I am talking to officially represents the supplier?
      How do I pick a supplier?
      How do I know if a supplier is legitimate?
      How do I negotiate a good price?
      How do I manage a project on the other side of the world?

    Answers written by Mike Bellamy, an Advisory Board Member & Featured Blogger at the not-for-profit China Sourcing Information Center. Mike is also the author of "The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing" and founder of PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions

    Buyer's Guide - Proven best practices  

    Discover what works best when you're sourcing from China and throughout Asia.
    1. Evaluating suppliers
    2. Negotiating
    3. Managing production & QC
    4. Protecting your IP
    5. Learn how Global Sources can help with your sourcing

    See all of the above materials in a single PDF file.  Download Now.

    Articles - Insights from experts in the field  
    Read in-depth articles by veteran sourcing professionals.
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    Interviews - First-hand advice from buyers  

    Read how top buyers manage their sourcing operations and sucessfully tackle difficult issues.
    Coles Group Asia: Essential on-site inspections
    Groupe Beaumanoir: Importance of keeping raw material stocks
    Pacific Brands (Asia): Supplier evaluation for stability

    Surveys - Current facts, future trends  

    Find out how experienced buyers deal with key sourcing challenges
    Survey: Biggest challenge to verify fraudulent suppliers
    Tips from experienced China buyers

    Templates - Checklists and templates for factory & product audits  

    What to check during a China factory inspection (Checklist)
    View Factory Audit Report template

    How to conduct a social compliance audit of a China factory (Checklist)
    View Factory Social Compliance Audit template

    How to define your quality standard before buying from China (Checklist)
    View Product Specifications Sheet template

    How to define an inspection plan to be signed by your China suppliers
    View Inspection Plan template

    How to conduct a product quality inspection in a China factory (Checklist)
    View Product Inspection template