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    Why join Global Sources MATCH

    Free yourself from the hassles of finding, evaluating, and arranging meetings with potential suppliers. Join MATCH – a FREE, customized business matching service that optimizes your time and connects you with verified suppliers that fit your sourcing requirements.

    With MATCH, you can just sit back and relax as our dedicated team will handle the time-consuming work for you – from screening suppliers to arranging meetings. Through the new online service, you can do business in no time and without boundaries.

    How to utilize MATCH

    You can make full use of the various business matching channels to streamline your sourcing projects.

    Regular Matching (All-year Round)

    Based on buyer's sourcing requirements, our team will provide a list of recommended suppliers, including their information. Buyers can select from the list and directly contact the suppliers themselves.


    Keep posted on the latest product trends, sourcing topics, events, and more via the monthly newsletter.


    Learn practical tips and business strategies from the industry's top sourcing minds through a series of webinars on relevant and hot topics.

    Pre-arranged Matching (All-year Round)

    Our team will arrange one-on-one, face-to-face, and private meetings between buyers and shortlisted suppliers – eliminating the need for both parties to set schedule themselves.

    Online Business Matching (All-year Round)

    Buyer-suppliers meetings are facilitated online, so it's convenient, fast and time-saving.

    On-site Business Matching & Private Group Meetings

    Buyers will have the chance to meet face-to-face with a group of shortlisted suppliers in a private room, network and conduct business during the show.

    What makes MATCH the right choice?

    With our customized business matching service, you enjoy freedom from the hassles of doing everything on your own. It's no wonder global buyers work with us.

    • Customized

      Get suppliers recommendations based on your specific sourcing needs
    • Convenient

      Meet with pre-selected and qualified suppliers with our assistance
    • Diversified

      Connect with vendors through different channels
    • Efficient

      Select prospects from the vendor profile we provide
    • Cost-saving

      Enjoy volume buyer services and events at no cost
    • Reliable

      All suppliers are screened and verified by Global Sources

    Product Category

    Over 2 million products listed on our platform

    Consumer Electronics +500,000 Mobile Electronics +350,000 Fashion & Lifestyle +1,100,000 Hardware, Machinery & Auto Parts +400,000
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