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  • Global Sources Electronics, Indonesia

    The world’s largest electronics trade fair comes to Indonesia in December 2021. World-class sourcing convenience - right at your doorstep in Jakarta!

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    POP FM

    POP 103 FM is a lifestyle local radio station in Jakarta. POP FM offers its listeners local, international and sports news, as well as entertainment and lifestyle features every day. Its listeners reach more than 1 million in numbers.

    IDN Times

    IDN Times is the leading multi-platform media company for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia. IDN Media currently operates 4 digital media: IDN Times, Popbela.com, Popmama.com, and Yummy. The site is available since June 2014


    Trenteknologi.com is technology news portal which being aired on 2015 for the first time. Trenteknologi.com covers various kinds of information about technology, sharing knowledge through articles such as Smartphone Tips & Tricks, Gadget Product Reviews, and etc.

    File Magz

    Filemagz.com is an online media that discusses about technology trends, youngster's life, and also business trends such as developing startups in Indonesia and worldwide. Filemagz.com aspires to publish a variety of interesting, informative, and useful content for community, especially for young people in Indonesia.


    Mobitekno.com is an automotive and technology online media. Mobitekno covers update information on IT and gadgets, product reviews as well as useful tips and tricks for its viewers especially automotive and technology enthusiasts in Indonesia.


    PinkKorset.com is a lifestyle online magazine which targets modern, smart and independent Indonesian women. Various rubrics in PinkKorset.com is packaged nicely which offers intriguing news and useful information to read.


    Industry.co.id is an online news portal of Industry monthly magazine. Industry.co.id covers news and information about the Industry, National News, Energy, Agribusiness, Finance, Science and Technology, Tourism, Sport, and Lifestyle. Industry.co.id is targeting public, business players as well as government.


    Inilah.com is one of the leading online media in Indonesia. It covers updates of national and international social and politics, law, finance-monetary, lifestyle, automotive, technology, health, product info, celebrity, city guide, viewer’s forum, general election info, citizen forum, and calendar events.


    Cyberthreat.id is an online media that presents the latest news about cyber threats, Indonesian cyber security, and the latest technology related news to the internet world.


    Medcom.id is a new media established in 2018 which labels itself as a “News Video Portal”. Medcom.id appears in multimedia forms. The contents are not only text and photo, but also video, audio, graphics, and video graphics contents. Medcom.id is under Media Group network (Metrotvnews.com, Mediaindonesia.com, Media Indonesia, and Metro TV).

    Jakarta Info

    Jakarta Info is a new mediaa established on instagram and now it has followers around 1.9m accounts. This account covers mostly what is happening in Jakarta area.


    BISKOM, with ICT Community Friendship as a slogan, is monthly magazine which focuses on ICT news in Indonesia. BISKOM’s magazine performs important peoples in ICT industry in Indonesia as magazine cover. As the technology grow, today BISKOM not only in hardcopy but also in online media, with daily ICT news update.Moreover, it only has online portal which alignes with its printed edition.

    Info Bintaro

    Info Bintaro is a new mediaa established on instagram and now it has followers around 10k accounts. This account covers mostly what is happening in Bintaro and Banten area.